What the heck is Frenzy?!!?


There has got to be a better way.

                                                                       Many people, all the time

And when it comes to lighting up a stadium, it turns out, there is a better way. A waaaay better way. We built Frenzy to be better. Frenzy is waaaay cooler, waaaay more sustainable and waaaay more affordable. And the quality of this tech will amaze you!

Rewind. I just left an event where about fifty-thousand fans wore silicon bracelets and while it looked cool, what was left over was trash batteries, electronics, and silicon. Return bins filled with trashed bracelets with limited prospects for reuse with stickers on each item, batteries to replace and silicon to clean from sweaty wrists. Not good.

The environmental cost of traditional event tech is too high. Frenzy’s removed the environmental impact all together! Zero waste, 100% fun.

We turned to our mobile phones and built tech that doesn’t just light up flashlights. Frenzy triggers phone flashes, screens, and haptics. Imagine it’s 3rd and long and you want synch an entire crowd’s voice – trigger vibrations and everyone yells while their phone vibrates – collectively, that’s a game changer! A sea of colorful phone screens and frenzied flashes is just the start.

Frenzy also allows audiences to share reaction vids, pics, and comments. Don’t just sit back and wait for your wrist to light up – engage! That means games, concerts, conventions, heck, event parties and weddings are opportunities for deeper engagement between the host and their attendees. And can you imagine being a fanbase that travels well – now you can show up in a visitor’s stadium and disrupt the action, rewriting the rules of home games?!

Better still, Frenzy is endlessly reusable with zero waste. Zero. Sustainability is a principal driver of our desire to create a better, engaging, and super-fun alternative to throw away bands.

And because we’ve spent a great deal of time engineering Frenzy to be sustainable, easy-to-use, and fun, we worked hard to optimize our costs. So rather than the thousands of dollars to share LED bracelets for each event, Frenzy can do the same for hundreds. Share a few partner promos on the platform and it pays for itself. Really.

And of course, Frenzy can engage remote attendees – if you can’t attend in person, join remotely and still be part of the of show. It’s fun and no one can do that. Think of friends and family missing the big game or concert, but still joining on Frenzy and engaging in the endless stream of fun. When the big score happens and the encore starts, they can jump in from their couch and share their own reaction! Introducing Frenzy. Light up the stands, engage audiences, and promote your partners. Inexpensively. Simply. Sustainably.


Join the Frenzy @ OhHeyFrenzy.com

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