What is Frenzy’s vision?


Building tech to replace waste is one thing, but replacing traditional tech with sustainable, full host/audience comms, inexpensively is another – that became our driver.

When explaining what Frenzy does – Frenzy triggers phone flashes, screens and haptics, allows sharing of audience pics, vids, and comments, while providing exclusive content, merch, promos and partner info. – the next question we get is either, “Cool! How?” or “Why?”.

Honestly, they’re great questions – understanding ‘why’ and ‘how’ something happens is important. In our case, when we conceived of Frenzy and undertook design, we asked the same questions. Of course, the answers are clearer today, but the discussions we had shaped our vision – We wanted to grow audience affinity through digital engagement. The surface idea is leveraging mobile devices to enhance the audience experience (used judiciously) rather than detract from any event (holding your phone in front of your eyes to record the very event you’re attending). We used to say, “Frenzy turns distraction into interaction.”

How Frenzy works is simple. You visit OhHeyFrenzy.com, sign up, and in minutes, easily create a custom event. Your attendees find your event on the Frenzy app (iOS or Android) and ‘attend’ your event. From there the magic begins. Of course, our SDK allows for Frenzy’s functionality to be embedded in existing apps and works exactly the same way.

Why Frenzy is a thing is also simple. We wanted a more sustainable, innovative and inexpensive way for event hosts to light up their crowds, engage audiences, build affinity, and provide valuable partner connections. There doesn’t need to be tens of bins filled with throw-away plastic bracelets and batteries. Audiences can engage directly with their hosts (teams, bands, companies, etc.). And it doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars to make it happen.

Ultimately with a vision to grow audience affinity through digital engagement, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’re working hard to get Frenzy close to you and add more features. And we’re learning. We’re evolving rapidly and curating digital experiences at events of all kinds. And truthfully, this work is mostly defined by the input of our customers and their audiences.

Join the Frenzy @ OhHeyFrenzy.com

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