Join the Frenzy.

Our Commitments

First Class Service

Every audience member, every host, every time. We'll go to any length to optimize the event experience.

100% Fun

We're on a mission for more side splitting belly laughs, cheers-ing, max volume singing, in-the-moment enjoyment.

Protect Our Earth

No more plastic or single use items. Frenzy leverages the reusable item that all fans are carrying - their mobile device.


Beth Spiegel

Board Member

Beth provides the Frenzy board with a passion for solving problems and world-class skills in building effective and efficient operations. Beth’s experience helps to guide the launch and development of our business operations.
Brett Brende

Board Member

Brett lends the Frenzy board deep expertise in sales, growth and customer service. Brett’s experience helps us to strategically grow our business and evolve high-value offerings.


Cass Possehl


Cass is a co-founder of Frenzy and her desire to create and build an innovative solution helped us establish a one-of-a-kind product and an amazing company culture.


Chris Lewis

Board Member

Chris brings the Frenzy board refined sales experience and an ability to develop strategic relationships. Chris’ leadership helps us to build our business and shape our targets to bring the best of Frenzy to a larger audience.
Chuck Ritter

co-founder and board chairman

Chuck is a co-founder of Frenzy and his desire to deepen fan affinity, build this business and a thriving team are second only to his desire to serve our customers with an innovative, sustainable, and affordable entertainment comms solution.
Dan Kjobech

Board Member

Dan shares a broad range of leadership and technical capabilities with our board. Dan’s experience keeps us focused on building high functioning, high quality technical solutions.


Kelly Brende

Board Member and Secretary

Kelly carries a definitive knowledge of corporate law, taxation, and business planning to our board. Kelly’s expertise is a guide to our management team and legal counsel.
Kyle Ocasek

Board Member

Kyle offers the Frenzy board a long-time professional services executive, teacher and coach. Kyle’s experience shapes the customer care function for Frenzy leading to extraordinary experiences.
Mike Roberts

Board Member and treasurer

Mike delivers expertise in professional services as an executive and people leader to the Frenzy board. Mike leads our customer care function and shapes the offering to ensure unique and seamless experiences exist for our customers.
Terry Longhway

Board Member

Terry supplies the Frenzy board with broad business development and leadership experiences. Terry’s background helps to form our organic growth and strategically grow our business.