Things work a little different around here. Here's a little orientation:

Life comes first.
More humor, more better.
Try the new thing every time.
People are always at the center.
Career paths are not straight lines.
If it feels big & scary, that's the way to go.

A Few Important Details

4 Day Workweek

Work is awesome! So is life. We're on a mission to challenge the 5 day, 40 hour status quo and make 3 day weekends the norm.

Location Flexibility

Talent lives all over the country, so our team does as well! In-person summits will bring us together throughout the year.

Come As You Are

Diversity - of background, race, perspective, style, preferences, etc - is not just valued here, it is prioritized. Inviduals welcome.

Career Opportunities

Chief Technology Officer

U.S. Based

We are searching for a technical partner to join us as we kick off our next phase of product iteration.  The ideal candidate has deep technical expertise, diverse project exposure, strong interpersonal skills, and is determined to disrupt long standing industries with new technology. Our CTO will be responsible for setting a vision for our long term tech-stack (across both web tools & mobile apps), creating and managing timelines and budgets, and managing a large team through implementation.

Excitement for new products, new approaches, and no fear of big challenges is paramount.  We are looking for a strategic business and thought partner, not simply an employee.


  • Masters degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 8 years working in a technological role
  • 5 years working in a managerial capacity
  • A track record of solving problems with creative ingenuity
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Experience with recruitment and hiring (with a focus on centralizing diversity)
Mobile UX Designer

San Francisco, California

Don't see a role title that fits, but think you'd be a great part of the team?