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Frequently Asked Questions

Lots to say, we’ll keep it short. 

Frenzy is a super charged communication app for all types of events – concerts, sports, birthdays, conferences, pep rallies, you name it, we can do it.

Frenzy allows audiences to join any event, in-person or virtually, via their mobile device. With use of delighters and moments, hosts can send their attendees information, entertain with screen, flash, and haptics effects, and invite attendees to share their own experience and reactions!

Are you an attendee? Awesome. Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the application called Frenzy. From there, you’ll be able to create an account, search for an event, and join the fun.


Frenzy offers 4 levels of pricing that adjust with the size of your event and how much communication you plan to have with your attendees. 

Planning on 15 attendees or less? Use Frenzy for free!

Small or medium size events are $80 and $350 respectively.

Planning a BIG event? (We’re talkin 2000+ people, 6+ hours?!) Contact us for enterprise pricing.

As the event host, you’ll be using our desktop dashboard to build your event, create content, and invite your attendees to join!

It only takes about 10 minutes from account creation to event set up. If you want someone to walk you through it (we’d love to!) you can request a demo. Otherwise, go straight to host an event and log in!

First things first, download the Frenzy app in either the Google Play or Apple App Store. Create an account or log in using your email and then you can either search for a specific event to attend or see what is happening in your area.

100% – Concert, High School Football Game, Squash Match, Community Rally, Wedding, Birthday Party… you name it. Frenzy can help turn any event into something unforgettable.

Planning something unique?  Request a Demo! We would love to help build a custom event for you. 

Moments & Delighters are how hosts reach their attendees! 

Delighters are static items on Frenzies’ event timelines.  They can be an image, gif, video clip and include text, hyperlinks, advertisements, & more. These are great for sharing important info!

Moments were built for the PEAKS! The touchdown, keynote speaker, fight song, defensive play, bride & groom entrance! Moments allow hosts to utilize Frenzies’ mobile devices’ screens, haptics, and flash to celebrate. They also allow Frenzies to submit their own video of the celebration and share it with everyone attending the event & the host!

Frenzies (n): attendees/fans/concert goers/guests/conference participant/etc. 

In other words – everyone planning on joining your frenzy!

You know the saying “there are no bad questions?” Well, at Frenzy, there are no bad ideas.. or questions! We are always looking to improve, advance, lead, you name it. Shoot us an email to 

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